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Retirement for Cindee and Sherry | Wren & Willow plan bigger and better vintage lighting store | Our space is the new location for Philly Cheesesteaks

Wren & Willow president Laureen Skrivan, Sam Glavick, Alicia Guiterrez, Cliff Kendall, Sherry & Cindee and Lucy the Greeter Doodle.

Welcome Wren & Willow to the vintage lighting business! February 6, 2020 was the last day of business for Vintage Lighting Sales. Our retirement officially began with the incredible news about Laureen purchasing all of our lamps. A new vintage lighting store with twice the space is in the works. Laureen is creating a new division in her highly respected company. It is known for beautiful home designs and renovating Victorian homes to their original beauty. In 2016, Laureen hired us to help with her vintage lighting needs in her 1940’s home remodel. We provided restored vintage pieces for the home remodel featured in the annual Tacoma Historic Homes Tour in 2016. Yesterday, our dream came true with Tacoma continuing to have a cool vintage lamp shop, only bigger and better. Good luck Laureen!!! To our wonderful customers, thanks for the memories – it’s been a fabulous 10 years.

We changed our name – Vintage Lighting Sales was previously Tacoma Lamp Repair. Since 2010 we have been restoring vintage lighting.
Shop hours are Wednesday through Saturday 10ish to 4ish – appointments available after shop hours, just call Sherry, we are happy to fit into your busy schedule.

We just love antique lamps and we have more than 500 for sale in our shop right now with more on the way

Shop online

(no sales tax for out-of-state customers)

or in our iconic purple building at 1524 Tacoma Avenue South in downtown Tacoma, Washington

Women-owned and operated veteran business since 2010. Owners Sherry and Cindee with their dog Lucy, a TeddyBearGoldendoodle, in our lamp shop. We own the super cute purple building located in beautiful downtown Tacoma in the “other” Washington, as we like to say.

Visit our online store and check out some of our antique lighting – including floor lamps, table lamps and much more

 Recently sold!

Cindee and Sherry created this Art Deco Figurine lamp. The lamp is a marriage of vintage parts. This darling boudoir lamp is one solid piece of brass (very heavy) and stands 16.25″ tall from base to the top of her hand. The base is 4″ with eight strands of vintage crystals. A vintage single diamond shaped 2″ crystal is at the bottom of the crystal cluster. These old crystals really shine because old crystals have more lead which is where the bling comes from. Of course, cleaning them with Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing helps too – that’s our trick for making crystals shine as bright as they should.

Restored antique floor lamps and Aladdin electric lamps are a couple of our passions. Find these treasures in our online store or see them for yourself in our shop

Vintage Lighting Sales has a large collection of restored Aladdin electric lamps. Above are a few of our favorite ones that we have ready for new homes and all can be found in our online shop.

Vintage Lighting Sales is located in downtown Tacoma where all the building is going on

Vintage Lighting Sales located in downtown Tacoma

Vintage Lighting Sales is located in the purple building located in downtown Tacoma at 1524 Tacoma Ave S. that is a lamp lovers delight. The 800 square feet of space is full of restored vintage lighting, lamp shades and a huge selection of new and vintage finials. Across the street from the lamp shop is a 90-unit condo building called the Mercato that opened in 2008 and a 135-unit building called the Napolean Apartments, opening in 2019. A drone captured this dramatic view of the shop. In the background is the 10-story County-City Building. The area around Vintage Lighting Sales is a hotbed of building activity bringing in lots of new folks to the neighborhood. Welcome!

We have a parking lot and no steps – honk if you need help!

Aladdin electric lamps are a passion of ours. From 1930-1955 highly skilled crafts people made glass lamps in the heartland of America. Outstanding designers created these timeless classics. Long gone are top notch crafts people from those days. The Aladdin Lamp Company lit up rural America with kerosene lamps. The company is famous for their kerosene mantle lamps. Collectors still seek out these lamps.

Aladdin electric lamps made in America from 1930-1955

The lamp industry was full of competition. The beautiful lamp designs elevated the Aladdin Company to the top. The touch unit is very popular today. The company promoted the touch unit found in many lamps today.

Now, there are literally thousands of lamp manufacturers. Quality has deteriorated as competition drove down the price of lamps that began using cheaper and cheaper materials. Stiffel lamps made in the 30’s and 40’s weigh considerably more than the ones made today. Manufacturers today use thinly plated brass, and it keeps getting thinner and thinner.

Aladdin electric lamps are classic designs that are timeless and work in any home decor. The shop is full of vintage lamps ready for safe use in your home. The shop has other lighting pieces that still need our expert attention. We display them so visitors are able to see what a vintage piece looks like before we do our magic. We bring pieces back to their original beauty without disturbing the patina that is part of the charm. Visit the shop and see for yourself.

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