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Aladdin G25 pair found a new home

Aladdin G25

The Aladdin G25 boudoir lamps are a delicate design with a spindle body that is hollow for the cord to go through. Earlier lamps have cords that go on the outside of the body of the lamp. The old formula Alacite glows bright green when lit with a black light. The base is small, just 3.5″ and stand just 16.5″ tall. The shades are a very rare, matched pair, original Aladdin shades. They shades take on two different looks with the light on and off – stunning combination – surely a “pair-of-a-kind.” Shades like these cannot be duplicated these days – people try, but nothing matches the quality of these shades made in the 40’s.

Aladdin G25 matched pair with original cords, new replica polarized pull plugs and original Aladdin shades. The shades and lamps go very well together. The customer took her time trying different shades and decided on these – a very good choice.

When there lamps were found they were tucked away on the shelf of an Aladdin collector. They gathered dust but were not used – what a find! Notice the push thru sockets – they are the rare kind that have red on one side of the button and black on the other. The interiors of the sockets are made of copper, the ones manufactured today do not come close to the quality of these sockets, so we refurbish them. Valuable lamps and shades should use LED bulbs only. After trying various wattages – we found that the 4.5 watt LED (40 watt equivalent) made the shades look the best. These lamps are for mood lighting only, so selecting just the right output of lumens is important to the overall look. The bulb size is A19 – which is also important as that size ensures the shades fit correctly. Another Aladdin boudoir pair of vintage lamps rehomed.