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Wedding Chandelier just sold for $500

What does “restored” mean? That means Cindee Moore and Sherry Bockwinkel, original owners of Tacoma Lamp Repair, have professionally cleaned, rewired and completed all necessary repairs to the lighting fixture to make it safe for use in your home. Cindee is the daughter of a firefighter and knows how important it is to wire these vintage pieces right. Below is a ceiling mount wedding chandelier we found and restored for one of our favorite clients.

Vintage ceiling mount wedding chandeliers are timeless treasures that we are always on the hunt for. Over the years Cindee and Sherry have restored many for customers – recently finding and selling a couple. Finding these small chandeliers is the hard part. Rewiring them is the tricky part as finding the right vintage sockets to match the period of the piece is so important. Oftentimes these pieces from the 30’s have been rewired, or an attempt has been made, resulting in the loss of the original socket. Not to worry, we have a stash for our clients. Maintaining the integrity of the piece with appropriate vintage parts is all part of the service we provide. Visiting our iconic purple building on Tacoma Avenue S can provide clients a close inspection of the outstanding quality of the merchandise in the shop for sale. Some pieces need to be restored yet, not to worry – that can be done in a couple of weeks. This particular crystal chandelier was made in Sweden. The crystals shine brilliantly because they are very old and older crystals contain more lead, making them shine brighter than newer crystal prisms.