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Vintage Wedding Chandelier – another one sold!

Sold for $500 – selling elsewhere online for $6-700 and they are not even rewired.

This vintage ceiling mount wedding chandelier arrived in a box like a puzzle. Amazingly, all the pieces for the fixture were included – not a missing crystal! We first hand washed and dried each crystal prism. Our secret is we use Mrs. Stewarts Bluing and we start by dipping them in a warm sudsy bath then three warm water baths to remove all residue from the cleaning agent. If you want your crystal prisms to shine, try our trick. It is time consuming, but those of us who love bling, this will certainly add lots of bling to your pieces.

This vintage chandelier was made in Italy in the 30’s and the crystal prisms have a brilliance like none made today. Old crystal prisms are true treasures because they cannot be replicated. The chandelier came together quickly and easily and sold within days of being displayed in the store. Most of the time we have a buyer for these before we put them on the floor. So if you have been on the hunt for one of these and have failed, let us know – happy to find one for you.