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Vintage Light Sales since 2010
Vintage Lighting Sales owners
It is always best to call ahead, our hours change sometimes and we do not want to miss you. Call Sherry at (253) 640-1799. See you soon!

In 2010, Cindee and Sherry purchased Jerika’s, an eclectic business owned and operated by Geraldine for 30 years. We knew Geraldine. We provided printing services for her for years and years. Geraldine is remembered fondly by her customers as being quite the natural artist, able to restore items found at estate sales. Customers remember her cute shop in University Place, next to the Swim Shop.

Jerika’s provided lamp repair as one of the services provided. We decided to focus just on lamp repairs and lamp shade sales. We accumulated a stash of lovely lamps along the way. Daily, we restore these lighting treasures. The newly restored lamps are ready for new homes and and are safe to use in your home. We pay attention to details. Each lamp we sell is unique and it will make a statement in any home.

We have repaired more than 5,000 lamps since 2010

Wren & Willow president Laureen Skrivan, hired us to help with her vintage lighting needs in her 1940’s home remodel. It was our distinct pleasure to work with the highly respected and top custom home design company in Tacoma. We provided restored vintage pieces for the home remodel featured in the annual Tacoma Historic Homes Tour in 2016. Our work was seen again on the Tacoma Historic Home Tour. Our client has their home in the 2019 Historic Home Tour that was on May 4th and 5th. We restored much of the lighting in their home on the North Slope of Tacoma. Save the date! See the cool vintage homes that Tacoma has to offer. One of them we know is haunted.

We changed our name

Vintage floor lamp lighting up front room of restored Victorian home in Tacoma.
The floor lamp was a gift, providing the final touch for the fully restored home on the Tacoma Home of Tours in 2019.

In 2018, Sherry Bockwinkel and Cindee Moore changed our business name to Vintage Lighting Sales.

We make lamp restoration look easy. The reason is, we truly enjoy our work. Cindee repairs lamps and fixes them with ease. Her problem solving skills are important as some vintage lamps have unique sets of problems to solve. 5,000 lamp repairs in eight years provided the experience for the work we are doing now for clients.

Look for our iconic purple building with vintage claw foot tub planters out front

1524 Tacoma Avenue South is the location of our brick and mortar building in beautiful downtown Tacoma, Washington. We own the iconic purple building that long-time Tacomans first knew as a doughnut shop built in 1959.  Next, the shop served burgers and shakes as a drive thru. Next it provided quick printing services for 25 years. The shop became a vintage lighting store in 2010.

We began working at this location in 1995, and continue to work at this location today. The changes we see are fantastic. Across the street is The Mercato, a 93 unit six-story condo. The Napolean Apartments, a 135 unit, six-story building directly in front of the lamp shop is opening in 2019. People walking dogs are a wonderful sight to see. Lucy, our TeddyBearGoldenDoodle, loves other dogs and is super friendly. Please bring your four legged friend in for a visit or just yourself, Lucy loves people too!

Dogs welcome – Lucy loves visitors

Photos of Lucy the greeter dog in the lamp shop.
Lucy is the Greeter Dog – a very friendly Goldendoodle. Lucy loves her job greeting clients and is well trained, having graduated from the “Canine Good Citizen” class we took at Pawsibility (great place in Fife).

Vintage Lighting Sales – our new name says it all

We learned a great deal doing lamp repairs for customers over the years. That experience helped us find and restore treasures that we sell in our lamp shop and on line. Vintage Lighting Sales has a very large collection of lighting, restored to their original beauty by professionals who take care of the details.

Custom lamp building for clients

Custom built lamp made with "salmanzar" - a bottle that holds a full case of standard wine bottles (9 liters).

We continue to offer clients custom lamp building services. We built this lamp out of a wine bottle called “salmanazar”. The bottle holds as much wine as a full case of standard wine bottles (9 liters). Yes it is a huge bottle and posed quite the challenge. The client described what they wanted and Cindee built it to their specifications, perfectly. If you have a cherished item that you would like made into a lamp, give us a call. Cindee has created many lighting projects over the years. She created a pool table light from handmade canoe. Dennis Parker, with Jay Woodworks, signed the canoe in 2008. Only your imagination is the limit to what Cindee can build.

Cindee working on custom build pool table lamp made from hand made miniature canoe.

The hunt for treasures to restore continues. We have a team of pickers who keep finding treasures we cannot pass up. We do the restoration work and have new vintage lamps placed on our showroom floor. If there is a vintage floor lamp, table lamp, wall sconce, ceiling fixture or chandelier you have been on the hunt for and cannot find, let us know. Our team would be happy to help you find your treasure or we may have it in our shop. Stop in and see the fun lighting we have. It will be a blast from the past. Bring a photo of what you are looking for. We can check our vintage lamp stash. We may just have what you are looking for. Stop in and see us sometime.

Join us for a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite photos from the lamp shop over the years
Lucy the shop greeter dog and Cindee the lamp repair person.
Vintage Lighting Sales shop with view of Mount Rainier.
The lamp shop had an incredible view of Mount Rainier before two high rise buildings replaced the empty field across from the lamp shop. The crane is working on the newest building, called The Napolean Apartments. This photo was taken in the summer of 2017 when work on the second floor began.
Vintage Lighting Sales photos from over the years in downtown Tacoma.
Vintage Lighting Sales is located at 1524 Tacoma Avenue S in our cute purple building that enjoys views of Mount Rainier and rainbows frequently.
Double rainbow with the lighted pole sign for Vintage Lighting Sales.
A rare double rainbow.

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