Aladdin G225 old formula Alacite “Lyre” table lamp introduced in 1941

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This 1941 vintage table lamp made by the Aladdin Company and is a rare find that includes the finial – both are old formula. This is one of those lamps that rarely goes up for sale as most people keep them and pass them along to their loved ones. Shade is for display only.

This unique lamp has a reverse – fluted base. It is chip free. The column hides the cord for the original brass shell with a refurbished push thru single socket. The harp is original as well and is the unique all-in-one harp and saddle type used only on very old vintage lamps. You know you have the real deal in original parts when the socket shell and harp and saddle look like these. All too often, people with good intentions rewire these lamps and replace the distinctive vintage parts with bright brass looking parts. This lamp is the real deal and has the Moore Restored touch.

20.5″ from base to top of alacite finial • 9.5″ old formula alacite body • 4.5″ base with four feet. Book shows both the scroll or buckle – customer’s choice – both available at this time. The new owner of this lamp has a choice of finials – both are old formula, both look fabulous on the lamp. It just boils down to a personal preference, and the luck of our shop to have a choice.

 The old formula Aladdin finial called Buckle and Scroll under a black light.

Old formula Alacite glass glows green under a black light.

The lamp comes complete with finial and is completely restored by Moore. The lamp has been professionally cleaned, rewired with a new rayon cord that matches the period of the lamp, a vintage plug and a refurbished socket. The shade is for display only and may still be available. If interested please call Sherry at (253) 640-1799 – always happy to chat about Aladdin lamps. Shipping will be added when we know where to send it. Thanks for looking!


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