Aladdin G324 black and white fired ceramic with a hammer finish



This Aladdin electric lamp is a Mid-Century modern design made in 1950. I just love this part of the description as written in the Aladdin Electric Lamps book: “Illuminated base imparts a warm, decorative glow and provides just enough light to relieve eye-strain when viewing television.” Imagine a time where there were only four television networks.  The height is 28″. The lamps includes the Aladdin Plume Alacite finials will be sold altogether, only.

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It took years for us to find a second Aladdin G324 to complete this set of lamps. The lamps were carefully restored. Cindee reused all original parts and rewired in a new ivory cord set plus sockets in the top and interior – and of cours, all new card board insulators were installed. Sherry took care of cleaning the brass and glass. The all-in-one brass saddle and harp parts turned out nicely as well as the unique brass screw top that allows access to the base light for bulb changing. Note the slight differences in the patina on the vintage brass socket shells. The variance in the patina is because the two lamps were in different locations and the brass aged differently depending on the environment.

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The top turn knob interior socket is special as it turns on the base light too. Turning once turns on the base light, the top bulb goes on with another turn then another turn has both the top and bottom lights on, with the fourth turn shutting off the lamp. These lamps are dolled out with LED bulbs inside that can be left on always if one desired – as it would only cost 72¢ a year, and the bulbs would last 10 years. The LED bulbs do not get hot, so the glass body remains cool to the touch, not like the old incandescent bulbs we used to use.

We have some great ideas for shades, so if you are thinking about getting these and wonder what might look good on them, let us know – happy to share our thoughts.

We will add shipping if the customer cannot pick the lamp up from our shop. We are always happy to provide more photographs, just ask. Thanks for looking!

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