Aladdin G63 Moonstone glass table lamp with Millefluer finial



22″ base to top of finial • 7.5″ glass Moonstone body which includes base plus cover cap  • 3.5″ base with four feet

Aladdin G63 (same as G69 but this one has the tall harp). Aladdin G63 Moonstone table lamp with matching Moonstone Millefluer finial. The base has a red LED bulb in it that makes it glow red. Any color bulb can be placed in the base including clear – colors are so much fun as they can totally change the way the room looks with the base light on in a color. This lamp looks great in all colors – whatever your preference is, you can be sure it will look stunning. The best part is the cost to have the base light on with an LED bulb costs just 24¢ a year (based on 3 hours a day) and lasts for 15,000 hours.Aladdin G63 has been rewired with a cloth covered cord which matches the period of the lamp. The plug is vintage and restored, meaning we cleaned it and added the safety card board insulator that is necessary for safe use in your home. Aladdin G63 base is in perfect condition, as is the rest of the glass on the lamp. No chips or repairs – amazing considering this lamp was made in 1935. The design is classic and timeless. Aladdin G63 vintage top switch was restored and works to turn on the base bulb. Aladdin G63 vintage top switch turns on the base bulb. Aladdin Millefluer finial shows that is is perfectly seated in the brass base, no tilting with this finial.Aladdin Millefluer finial back lit to show off the beauty of the design.Aladdin G63 has been completely restored which means Cindee rewired in new cord, refurbished the vintage push thru socket at the top as well as the base light socket. The plug includes the card board insulator. The lamp was cleaned by Sherry leaving the interior of the base free from damage when cleaned. The exterior glass just shines and the vintage brass socket and harp and neck piece were all carefully cleaned to retain the natural beauty of the aged patina of the brass. The natural changing the the brass socket shows the true age of the lamp and this one is in outstanding condition for its age. Please call if you have any questions – we love chatting about Aladdin electric lamps.

Shipping will need to be added for this one – an estimate is $40 but we can let any interested buyer know the exact amount when we know where this lovely new lamp will call home. Thanks for looking!


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