Fire Extinguisher – custom build with custom hand made shade



Custom building lamps always looks easy, that’s what Cindee does best. She custom built this table lamp after we found the antique fire extinguisher in a barn out towards Mount Rainier. We walked passed the black round messy looking thing several times. On one pass by, the sun peaked out and hit the cylinder and a copper color emitted. We looked closer and grabbed it! What a time consuming mess to clean up, but what a treasure it turned out to be.

40″ from base to top of vintage brass finial • 7.5″ cylinder body and base • 20″ tall cylinder  (15″ x 5″) x 18″ x18″ x 11″ shade size (top, bottom slant height) • 3.75″ vintage finial

The fire extinguisher is antique and solid copper – it needs to be cleaned and cared for or it will become black again – because that’s what copper does here in the Great Northwest damp weather. These are easy to keep looking copper like. We will be happy to share our secrets about how to care for this with the new owner.

The shade is empire rectangle hard back shade, covered in a burgundy and gold flame design fabric and trimmed in black linen trim. The fire extinguisher is antique, original tubing, converted into an outstanding lamp with a black industrial style cord and vintage style pull plug. Can be used a table lamp or hung on the wall with the original mounting bracket. Finished with a finial made from a vintage fire sprinkler donated by Patriot Fire Protection Inc.

The cylinder is great vintage condition. The shade is hand made and the material pattern looks like flames. Finding that finial and getting it to fit the lamp make the project complete beyond our dreams.

Vintage double socket pull chain assemble with vintage Bryant sockets! The assembly has a patent May 17, 1910 and carefully chosen to match the period of the lamp. The pull chains are original for those folks who like all original parts when buying vintage.

Original brass chains on the Bryant sockets – generally those are long gone. This assembly has both, making it quite the treasure.

Patent No. 2256902

Model 704 Alaskan made by the General Detroit Corp located in Michigan, New York, Chicago and Dallas

Viking fire sprinkler top make into a finial to hold the shade in place. A local company, Patriot Fire Protection Inc., donated the part.

Shipping will be added if it needs to be shipped. Thanks for looking!


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