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We have mogul (larger based) bulbs for our beloved vintage floor lamps. Lamp lovers enjoy the warm glow of this bulb, as well as its versatility. The bulb has three levels, the wattage is 100 / 200 / 300 and when diffused with a vintage 10″ I.E.S. Opal Glass Reflector Shade, it is bright and beautiful on any level. When we use the 300 level, we call it the cleaning level as it is so bright.

The three decorative bulbs around the mogul bulb provide lots of options. 25 Watt frosted incandescent torpedo bulbs work nicely, so do the small round frosted globes. Using the right bulbs in your treasured vintage floor lamp can make a big difference.

The incandescent bulbs emit heat. On the 300 level these bulbs can raise the temperature by 5ยบ or more. The mogul bulbs can warm up the room. They make great bird heaters.

LED bulb alternative

20W LED bulbs are a good option for saving on energy use. Because this bulb is short enough, Vintage Lighting Sales recommends this 27K (warm light that resembles incandescent light) bulb. It is a 200 watt replacement, but the lumen output is the best way to measure light output. Brightness for this LED bulb is 2450 lumens. When the mogul bulb is on the 200W level, the brightness is 2800 lumens, costing $36.15 per year. The incandescent bulb will last just 1.8 years based on 3 hours of use a day. In comparison, the LED bulb costs just $2.41 per year when used 3 hours a day. And it will last 22.8 years! Incandescent bulbs cost $11 each and the LED bulbs cost $40 each. The adapter is $8.00.

Out-of-state customers tax exempt

Vintage Lighting Sales does not charge out-of-state customers sales tax. The retail sales tax ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 21, 2018, in the South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc ruling exempts small businesses like ours from collecting retail sales taxes from customers who do not live in the State of Washington. Purchases on Ebay and Etsy are required to charge and collect retail sales taxes. Support this small, independently women-owned and operated business. Buy with confidence from people located in beautiful downtown Tacoma, Washington – in the same location since 1995.

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