Vintage 1930’s two-arm floor lamp with a very unique look



This totally unique two-arm 1930’s floor lamp has been completely restored for safe use in your home. The 10″ IES opal glass shade is vintage as shown by the fiery rim and is very unique – smooth top with a ribbed bottom. The vintage floor lamp stands 60″ tall with a 3.5″ stone in the 11.5″ round base with six feet – which adds to the stability of the lamp. Finer made vintage floor lamps have six sometimes eight feet, but most have four. So when you are out on the hunt, keep a keen eye out for feet on the base.

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In the restoration process, all original parts were reused and rewired with new wire. This floor lamp is distinctly different based on the 2-arm cluster. Check out the decorative small round opaque white bulbs and black matte candle covers that complete the unique look of this vintage floor lamp. The round base has numerous layers of paint done in the painting process, which gives this lamp and all of its parts, a deep rich look.

The floor lamp is decked out with black rayon cord – chosen to match the lamp finish. The cloth covered cord matches the period of the lamp. A replica polarized vintage plug was wired on at the end of the cord and the plug is complete with a new insulator. The mogul socket was replaced and we saved and cleaned the original vintage Bakelite turn knob that has the metal threaded base. The sockets on the two candle cluster were both refurbished and rewired in and new card board insulators added.

The original 100 / 200 / 300 watt mogul base bulbs work and we always have those available for purchase as we know they are hard to find. Customers oftentimes choose to purchase an adaptor so a regular based LED 21W bulb (200 watt replacement) can be used to save energy and to keep the room from heating up. This bulb almost matches the light output (lumens) of the 300 level of the 3-way incandescent bulb. The LED bulbs we sell match the 2700k color of our beloved incandescent light we so love using in our vintage lamps.

This vintage floor lamp has been restored by Cindee and Sherry and safe for use in your home or office.

We will add shipping if the customer cannot pick the lamp up from our shop. Let us know what the destination of the lamp’s new home is and we will let you know the cost of shipping. We are always happy to provide more photographs, just ask. Thanks for looking!

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