Antique Chandelier 24″ x 24″ Gold Plated Sold!




For sale is this antique, six-arm chandelier. The size is 24″x 24″. This is an unusual find that we restored with great care. The wire is carefully attached to the arm. It blends in. The brass tie wraps keep the wire firmly, and safely in place.

This antique chandelier comes complete with crystal cover plate. The original crystal canopy completes chandelier. This is a classic beauty. It is truly a one-of-a-kind vintage chandelier. This chandelier is the perfect size for any dining room table. These crystal are the old ones with more lead, so they really sparkle.Bobeches are solid crystal all in perfect condition but one which is not easily seen.Customer choice of white candle cover or brass. Rewired with perfection and experience by Cindee.


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