Vintage Schoolhouse ceiling fixture Sold!



This unusual shaped vintage school house fixture is original from a Tacoma home. The glass shade is chip free and very large with an unusual shape. The brass fitter is unusual as the cap is built to securely work with just two set screws – that will not come out, imagine that. Makes us wonder why this patented idea did not become the standard. The fixture still needs to be rewired as every home has its own needs, so this one will need to be rewired for the new owner so it is customized for the spot it will light up. This huge glass shade will throw lots of light and would work well in a kitchen with tall ceilings (9′ or more). For maximum brightness we would suggest going with an LED bulb as they do not put off any heat, and these old school house fixtures have no heat escape valves built in like some vintage ceiling fixtures. For folks that like that bright white color that is oftentimes found in a kitchen fixture like this, the 5000k bulb is the way to go. If that harsh white light is too much for you, the 2700k bulb might be what you are looking for.

19″ from brass fitter to bottom of vintage glass globe • 6″ fitter on shade with 14″ diameter • 5.5″ vintage ceiling cap

Chip free glass. Professionally cleaned inside and out. The brass fitter, chain and cover plate are all cleaned, leaving the natural patina color safely in tact. For a schoolhouse fixture, this is a shape that won’t often be found. Please allow two weeks for rewiring. Wiring done only after the drop length is known. Add $75 for the rewire plus the cost of the length of the brass chain that will need to be added when that is known.Vintage brass fitter that uses just two brass set screws – neat design that holds shade safely in place. Check out this shape – how fun.

Shipping will be added if it cannot be picked up. Thanks for looking!


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