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Aladdin G30 Boudoir pair of lamps sold with vintage glass shades

Aladdin electric lamp
Aladdin electric lamp
Aladdin G30 pair of Alacite boudoir lamps sold with the vintage shades – the customer just loved the way the lamps looked with the shades. The glass panels on the shades were cleaned inside and out, after the brass was cleaned. The Alacite glass lamp bodies were cleaned, removing a heavy layer of nicotine. Once cleaned, the beauty of the delicate ivory color glass could be enjoyed. The brass sockets were cleaned including the push thru buttons.

Rewired Aladdin G30 Alacite glass boudoir matched pair with shades and brass finials sold for $220. The cords were replaced with ivory cord sets – as the ivory color matches the period of the lamps. This darling pair went to a new home just last week.

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Vintage Wedding Chandelier – another one sold!

Sold for $500 – selling elsewhere online for $6-700 and they are not even rewired.

This vintage ceiling mount wedding chandelier arrived in a box like a puzzle. Amazingly, all the pieces for the fixture were included – not a missing crystal! We first hand washed and dried each crystal prism. Our secret is we use Mrs. Stewarts Bluing and we start by dipping them in a warm sudsy bath then three warm water baths to remove all residue from the cleaning agent. If you want your crystal prisms to shine, try our trick. It is time consuming, but those of us who love bling, this will certainly add lots of bling to your pieces.

This vintage chandelier was made in Italy in the 30’s and the crystal prisms have a brilliance like none made today. Old crystal prisms are true treasures because they cannot be replicated. The chandelier came together quickly and easily and sold within days of being displayed in the store. Most of the time we have a buyer for these before we put them on the floor. So if you have been on the hunt for one of these and have failed, let us know – happy to find one for you.

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Aladdin G25 pair found a new home

Aladdin G25

The Aladdin G25 boudoir lamps are a delicate design with a spindle body that is hollow for the cord to go through. Earlier lamps have cords that go on the outside of the body of the lamp. The old formula Alacite glows bright green when lit with a black light. The base is small, just 3.5″ and stand just 16.5″ tall. The shades are a very rare, matched pair, original Aladdin shades. They shades take on two different looks with the light on and off – stunning combination – surely a “pair-of-a-kind.” Shades like these cannot be duplicated these days – people try, but nothing matches the quality of these shades made in the 40’s.

Aladdin G25 matched pair with original cords, new replica polarized pull plugs and original Aladdin shades. The shades and lamps go very well together. The customer took her time trying different shades and decided on these – a very good choice.

When there lamps were found they were tucked away on the shelf of an Aladdin collector. They gathered dust but were not used – what a find! Notice the push thru sockets – they are the rare kind that have red on one side of the button and black on the other. The interiors of the sockets are made of copper, the ones manufactured today do not come close to the quality of these sockets, so we refurbish them. Valuable lamps and shades should use LED bulbs only. After trying various wattages – we found that the 4.5 watt LED (40 watt equivalent) made the shades look the best. These lamps are for mood lighting only, so selecting just the right output of lumens is important to the overall look. The bulb size is A19 – which is also important as that size ensures the shades fit correctly. Another Aladdin boudoir pair of vintage lamps rehomed.

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Wedding Chandelier just sold for $500

What does “restored” mean? That means Cindee Moore and Sherry Bockwinkel, original owners of Tacoma Lamp Repair, have professionally cleaned, rewired and completed all necessary repairs to the lighting fixture to make it safe for use in your home. Cindee is the daughter of a firefighter and knows how important it is to wire these vintage pieces right. Below is a ceiling mount wedding chandelier we found and restored for one of our favorite clients.

Vintage ceiling mount wedding chandeliers are timeless treasures that we are always on the hunt for. Over the years Cindee and Sherry have restored many for customers – recently finding and selling a couple. Finding these small chandeliers is the hard part. Rewiring them is the tricky part as finding the right vintage sockets to match the period of the piece is so important. Oftentimes these pieces from the 30’s have been rewired, or an attempt has been made, resulting in the loss of the original socket. Not to worry, we have a stash for our clients. Maintaining the integrity of the piece with appropriate vintage parts is all part of the service we provide. Visiting our iconic purple building on Tacoma Avenue S can provide clients a close inspection of the outstanding quality of the merchandise in the shop for sale. Some pieces need to be restored yet, not to worry – that can be done in a couple of weeks. This particular crystal chandelier was made in Sweden. The crystals shine brilliantly because they are very old and older crystals contain more lead, making them shine brighter than newer crystal prisms.