Repairs by Roy

You break it, Roy can fix it!

Repairs of all kinds including vintage lamp repairs, rewiring, restoration and fixing broken depression glass and other glass types, small furniture repair, pottery and porcelain

Lamps repaired by Roy are always well done. Above Roy is in the lamp shop at the counter.

Lamp repair for valuable antique lamps

Roy with his do Mia, a Chiweenie.

Cindee and Sherry work with Roy, we have for for many, many years. Roy can repair ceramic pieces, slumped glass and can fix just about anything . His passion is repairing and restoring vintage lamps. Roy purchased all of the vintage repair parts and bones Cindee collected. We hire Roy.

Repairing antique lamps requires the right parts, ones that are appropriate to the period of the lamp. Many people with vintage lighting want vintage parts. Roy is the right choice for your glass lamp repair.

Roy has a great selection of vintage lamp parts

Ceramic lamp repairs done by an expert

Roy is an expert in ceramic repairs. Roy matches the paint so perfectly that it is hard to tell which lamp was broken.

Shattered ceramic fixed with ease

This glass lamp repair is amazing

Tacoma lamp repair drop off location for Repairs by Roy, located in Puyallup. Roy repairs all kinds of broken glass including vintage slag glass shade repair. Roy is the best glass repair person in Puget Sound and is a business associate of ours.

Feel free to drop off your damaged glass shade, or any repair at our shop. We will get the repair to Roy to fix for you. Roy has very reasonable prices. Flat panel glass shade repair is his one of his specialties. Slumping glass is his expertise (glass with curves). Not many glass repair people have the kiln and the skills necessary to match the glass and make the mold to fit into the shade frame.

Expert slag glass shade repair

If you have a vintage glass shade with a missing panel or two, have Roy repair it. Roy repairs vintage glass shades very well. Customers rarely spot the repaired glass panel. Roy is that good.

Roy is in Puyallup and welcomes customers, by appointment only.

(253) 845-4471.

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