Shades & Finials

We enjoy finding fine shades for our clients

The Vintage Lighting Sales shop is full of shades, cleverly hung from the ceiling – blame that one on Cindee! She built rods to hold shades to hang from our limited space, utilizing the vertical space.

Bring your lamp for the perfect shade fitting

A new shade can bring a whole new look to your treasured lamp. Bring your lamp in ensures we can get the perfect fit by changing the harp.

The shop has lots of shades to choose from and oftentimes we special order shades for clients. We ask shade buyers to bring along their lamp as there are a couple of ways to get a shade to fit. We can change the harp or we can add risers – by having the lamp in the shop, it helps us make those types of decisions. Clients can then choose from various shade sizes to see what size looks best on their lamp. With years of experience we determine what shade size best fits the lamp. Often, we place special orders because the shade industry does not provide a great deal of choices when it comes to fabric colors.

A custom shade can make a big difference


The custom made green linen shade enhances the look of the vintage cloisonne lamp

The green cut glass finial completes the look

Note how well the shade fits the lamp. The shape is perfect and the size is correct as the shade hits just at the right point at the neck of the lamp. The green vintage glass finial completes the look. The lamp industry has few choices in color shades so we help clients place custom orders.


MCM wood floor lamp with new custom made shade

MCM floor lamps like the one above are very valuable. We found Teakwood base lamps selling for $1,250.00. The price on this lamp just keeps going up because people seem to want to pay just about any amount of money to get one. Oftentimes, these floor lamps have shades that need replacing and we have helped many of our clients choose the right fabric and color for their replacement shade over the years.

Custom made cone shades take about two weeks

These shades are expensive. To install the new shade, the lamp is unassembled. Plus, installing the shade takes two people because of how long the shade is and where the fittings are that attach the shade to the frame.

How much do these cone shades cost? $495.00 plus tax

The cost includes the cost for the shade and the installation of it. The price can vary. It depends on the choice made for the outer materials used. The mount of time allowed for delivery can cause price to go up. We can always get the shades to arrive sooner, but rush charges for shipping are very pricey. We encourage our clients to allow about two weeks for delivery for a custom made shade.


Vintage fiberglass shades from the 50’s are very popular

But they hard to find and pricey

The new fiberglass shades made today just do not have the look of the vintage ones so we are always on the hunt to find the ones from the 50’s
Fiberglass shades are very popular. This matched pair has a swirl design in brown and teal. This matched pair will only be sold with the teal lamps they are on.

When you are looking for fine shades Vintage Lighting Sales is the place to visit. We found and restored the matched pair of vintage fiberglass shades . We found the MCM teal boudoir lamps first, then we were on the hunt for the perfect shades. These lamps with the shades are available and only sold together – they are a perfect match. Visit our on line shop to purchase this lamp or stop on by, the lamps look stunning in person, the shades complete the look.

We have fun fitting lamp shades and finding finials for clients

If you are hunting for lamp shades and you can’t find just the right one we may be able to help. Since 2010, we have been working with clients and we developed a knack, experience if you will, for fitting lamps with shades. The shop is full of new and fine linen shades – not the kind found at general merchandise stores that carry everything. The shop is full of shades from East Coast vendors.

We clean and restore fiberglass shades

The shop also has a few hard-to-find vintage shades and restored fiberglass shades. We love finding and cleaning the classic Mid-Century fiberglass shades. If you have been lucky enough to find one, chances are the leather thonging needs replacing. Plus cleaning the fiberglass shade material shows off its original look. If your vintage fiberglass shade needs a little TLC, bring it on in we are happy to restore your shade to its original beauty.

Shades fit lamps like hats fit heads

Have you ever looked at a lamp and you know something doesn’t look quite right? Changing the shade can make all the difference in the world. Fitting shades to lamps is like fitting hats to heads – so be sure to bring along your lamp for the perfect fit. We sure do not want the shade to be too big or too small – what a difference a new shade can make.

My Mom has different shades for some of her lamps and when she switches the shades out, it’s like the whole room changes. We have a good selection of fine shades to choose from but oftentimes we place special orders for our clients once we figure out what shade works best with the lamp. If we don’t have the shade you need, we can certainly special order one or have one custom made. Shades can make all the difference and can give your room a whole new look. Stop in and bring your lamp and see what a difference a new shade can make. See you soon!

Below is a sample of what a difference a shade makes on a lamp.

Can you pick out the shades that do not fit?


Finials – large selection of vintage and new finials to choose from

Pronunciation of finial: fin-ee-uhl

Definition: A finial or hip-knob is an element marking the top or end of some object, often formed to be a decorative feature. For lamps, finials also serve the purpose of holding the shade in place. We included the pronunciation of the word finial because our customers frequently ask how to say the word.

Aladdin finials – when you want something extra special for your lamp

Above left, the Aladdin G16 figurine Alacite glass boudoir lamp displays an Aladdin Alacite old formula glass wreath finial – quite the finishing touch for this extra special lamp or any lamp. Glass finials like these Alacite ones made by the Aladdin Company are our specialty. We have collected them for years and years and have decided to part with lots of them. These finials are extra special because of the way they finish off the look of any lamp. The designs are timeless but the fun part is the way the light catches the glass finial giving the lamp a finished look – like dotting the “i”. These finials look awesome on any lamp. The shop is full of rewired Aladdin Electric lamps that include their matching Aladdin finial (as shown in the book).

In the middle of the photo above are four wreath finials made of made of glass, each technique resulting in a different look. The first wreath finial is made of glass called moonstone, next is Alacite, next is “old formula” Alacite and the fourth one is clear crystal. The last final is the Aladdin scroll finial made of “old formula” Alacite. Old formula means the glass glows green under a black light (the darker the room the brighter the green). The last finial, the green one, is an old formula Alacite Scroll finial.

Very hard to find Aladdin finials

Above are four different Aladdin finials. From left to right: Aladdin finial called Palmette (Fanciful) introduced in 1935 made of moonstone – a type of glass only made by the Aladdin Company. Next is the Aladdin finial called Wheat Staff and is made of “old formula” Alacite – the two photos are of the same finial, the second photo has a black light shining on it to show how it glows. Next is the extremely hard-to -find Aladdin finial called Dahlia introduced in 1936 and is made of moonstone glass. The fourth Aladdin finial is the Isis design again, this one is made of clear crystal.

More hard to find Aladdin finials

Aladdin Buckle finials, matched pair with the design introduced in 1938. This rare pair has a very bright green glow. Next is an Aladdin finial called Isis in etched crystal with this design also introduced in 1938. Next is the Aladdin wreath finial in clear crystal. The wreath design is a very popular design with a reproduction one in metal made currently. But why get a knock-off when you can get the real thing? Finials can be pricey – oftentimes much more than the lamp they decorate. Lamp designers oftentimes design the finial to match the lamp.  Aladdin finial designs are beautiful and they are timeless – adding the finishing touch to any lamp. We call finials, jewelry for your lamp. Vintage Lighting Sales has the largest selection of vintage finials in the Puget Sound area.

More common Aladdin finials

Solid brass bases finish off the finial design as the patina is produced only by years of time, in different environments – which results in different unique vintage brass colors

Vintage Aladdin finial bases were made of solid brass and over the 25 years of production, four different bases were used. Three of the bases are shown above with varying colors of patina.

Above left is a MidCentury Modern (MCM) Rembrandt table lamp with a vintage 1950’s fiberglass shade. Both the lamp and the shade have been restored. Above right is a darling pink Aladdin table lamp with a base that lights up. It is selling complete with shade, finial and of course we have professionally cleaned and rewired this cutie. This table lamp is the Aladdin G236 in rose. The base is embossed and when lit displays a lovely two tone night light type of feel for any room. Stop on by to see it for yourself – online photographs never do justice to these beautiful Aladdin electric lamps.

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